How can you secure your trademark domain?

  • Place the order for your domain and relax!
    We have the knowledge and resources to make it happen.
  • We will monitor, chase and register your desired domain.
  • The Backorder service works for any registered domain
    From every extension/TLD
  • Offer from 150 to 20 000 Euro for the domain backorder.
    (a higher offer gives you a better chance for the domain)
  • Secure payment (by Paypal, credit card or bank wire)
  • Apart from our own efforts we will place third party backorders
    and bid at auctions to secure your trademark domain
95% success rate (for domains that actually dropped)*

65 extensions for which we are an acredited registrar

193 directly partnered registrars + access to 1494 more in our network

475 servers deployed worldwide for high speed dropcatch connections

52 combined years of domain names experience in our team

600000+ domains registеred by our company

Secure backorder

The enterprise domain catcher

What if I offered too little (say 500 Euro for a super competitive domain)?

After we do our research and confirm your backorder amount is clearly not enough (if it’s not clear we’ll still try) you’ll be contacted over email and given a choice between increasing your bid and cancelling your offer.

Can I cancel a backorder once it’s made?

Only in case the domain has been renewed.

What happens in the rare situation of 2 customers backordering the same domain?

We try to fulfill the higher offer. If there is enough time, the lower order will be notified that their offer is too low and will have the chance to increase it.

How do I receive my domain after a successful backorder?

This depends on the domain extension and which catching registrar is sucsessful. Our customer fullfilment team will contact you via email with the good news and the options.

We have retrieved trademark domains for

SecureBackorder clients

*Success rate for a domain backorder is calculated only from domains where the name actually droppped. Cases where the domain got in auction and we could not secure it because of client budget limitations on bidding do not count neither for success nor as fail.